Adsum SS21 Drop 2 has arrived

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Ok, so first things first, we’ve been sitting on this for a week. We’d love to tell you the reason we haven’t yet shared it is because it’s so astoundingly brilliant we’ve been in a catatonic state since we first set eyed on it, but that would be lying and lying is bad. No, we’ve been busy, as usual. It’s a good thing but it’s also the reason why this characteristically superb range is only just being talked about by us.

Let’s face it, all you’ve got to do is search our website for the word adsum and you’ll find oodles of gushing praise dating back to the beginning. There’s a real talent in making everyday clothing look cooler than everyone else does and only in a handful of menswear protagonists does this genius gene exist. Adsum is one of them.

Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2015, they’ve been doing their thing for … *counts on fingers*… 6 years now and this is yet another impressive drop. With a partnership struck with Chicago’s 1733 brand, a collaborative capsule range of bags and accessories is added to the mix. This is all the more fitting given the travel theme of this collection.

All in all, it’s right up our road and we’ll be spending most of the next couple of weeks watching football with one thing or another with that smart adsum label concealed about our person.

Check it out now in full at the Adsum website.

Find out more about Adsum here.

I had pizza for tea.

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