Adsum SS22 Drop 1

They’re back. Adsum. Doing Adsum stuff.

Ask us on a random day and it’s fair to say our ever-shifting top ten brand list will feature Adsum highly.

Consistently cool and contemporary, this season sees them use colours called Goldenmoss and Lemongrass, taking inspiration from arts, crafts, architecture and fine art. It’s a broad array of influences that results in a range of gear with similarly broad appeal.

They’ve always made this clothing lark look easy. Believe me, it’s not, but to me that’s their hallmark though, making things look effortlessly cool in the way only a brand from their part of the world seems to manage.

I fancy one of their new tees anyway, and now I’ve pointed it out, so do you.

See more at Adsum’s website

I had pizza for tea.

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