Adsum Summer ’22 takes pleasure in leisure

The NYC brand Adsum shines light on summer with a range of relaxed and sporty silhouettes.

Stop packing, we’ve got an idea. Instead of sorting through your favourite t-shirts, shirts, jackets and shorts ahead of that trip you’re about to take, put it all back in the wardrobe. Adsum have something at least 32% better than what you’ve chosen, and in this summer release they’ve constructed a collection that ticks more boxes than an over-zealous border control guard.

The colours evident in this range take me back to 1990s sportswear, some Italian, some American. Not sure if that’s where they’ve been with their inspo on this range but that’s where it sits for me and I’m very definitely here for it.

Highlights of the collection come in the shape of items like the Breezer shirt, a purposely lightweight layer that will sit over your t-shirt and make you the envy of the poolside bar or if you’re a full on British LAD, the beer garden. I’ve not been to New York in summer but everyone I know who has tells me it’s pretty intolerable at its height of humidity. Adsum are therefore the kind of people I trust to make practical, comfortable yet still very eye-catching clothing for the clammy months.

Also present is Adsum’s first-ever pair of swim shorts, appropriately named the Otter short. This lightweight utility short is suitable for all your summer needs and sits nicely alongside another more substantial short silhouette named the Shade short. I said the word ‘short’ quite a lot in that last sentence, didn’t I?

Anyway, take a closer look via the pics below. I’m off to pack for my summer holiday and I’m already prepared for the disappointment that whatever I put in that suitcase, it won’t be as good as what Adsum have just wafted under my nose.

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I had pizza for tea.

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