Adsum UC Overhead Jacket at the Hip Store

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There’s something very ’70s dad’ about this Adsum 3/4 zip popover jacket isn’t there? And I mean that in a good way, a very good way. It’s the kind of jacket that’d be worn back then by some bloke who maybe lived a few doors down from you, had been in the military for a while but now does the doors at the local pub over the weekend, runs marathons for animal charities and teaches all the kids on the estate Kung Fu at the local youth centre in his spare time. What I’m trying to say is that it’s sporty and grown up, yet also a bit edgy and really quite exciting. Hip Store have got this bright blue beauty just in, so if you’re looking to become a local enigma then I highly suggest you get yourself one (and a chin up bar).

Buy an Adsum UC Overhead Jacket from hip store here.


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