Afield Porter cord jacket

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Afield make lovely clothes. Have a look at their website and see for yourself. I did and I kept coming back to this. The Porter cord jacket is just fit. Fit like Michelle Keegan wearing a Good Measure sweatshirt whilst making duck-bills out of Barbecue Pringles. For a kick-off it’s made from Manchester cloth (cord if you will). Cord is just one of those fabrics isn’t it? The word sounds luxurious and fits totally with this jacket which is soft, lush and basically just totally spot-on.

Is it a jacket? A shirt? A shacket? A jackirt? It’s proper lovely and whatever you want it to be. Perfect for this time of year when the excitement of ‘layering’ kicks-in. It fastens up with Corozo buttons, Corozo being Spanish for ‘really dreamy’

There’s also a waxed cotton version available but this one is cord. The waxed cotton version is really, really nice too but it’s not cord is it?

You can buy one here and I heartily recommend you do.

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