Aimé Leon Dore Nylon Quarter Zip Pullover

This 1990s vibe isn’t going anywhere fast and I for one am glad about that as it was a decade full of gorgeous garments to use as a reference point which is exactly what Aimé Leon Dore have done with this here quarter zip pullover. Though it may sound like three Mancunian kids being shouted in for their tea Aimé Leon Dore is actually a very cool NYC brand who make some absolutely brilliant clothes in all the right colours and quality materials, it’s super smart, fairly sporty and very easy to wear. For SS19 they’ve pulled out all the colourful stops on this nylon number which has more than just a hint of the ‘wise guy waltzing around little Italy’ vibes about it.

Buy an Aimé Leon Dore nylon quarter zip pullover from Oi Polloi here.


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