Albam Boardman Smock at Aphrodite

Smocks are as integral to Albam’s identity as cups of tea are to the British nation. And just like a freshly poured brew, these tasty pullovers warm the soul and put a spring in our steps. The London native’s latest design, dubbed the ‘Boardman’, is available in contrasting navy and yellow colourways with its hemline cut slightly shorter for a more modern feel.

Based on a waterproof military silhouette, this style comes crafted in a hardy ripstop – developed by fabric expert Halley Stevensons – making it superbly lightweight and primed to tackle precarious weather conditions. Extra add-ons, such as a half-zip closure, raglan sleeves, and a peak-topped hood, all merge to make this piece a fantastic bit of kit.

Shop both colours online now at Aphrodite.

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