Albam Clothing Equip Jacket

Remember when Albam announced themselves on the scene the best part of a decade ago? Their refined, near-perfect take on a traditional fishing jacket inspired dozens of brands to produce largely inferior versions, and since then Albam have continued to go about their business with a similar attention to detail and eye for quality.

Their latest effort once again goes a long way to defining an archetype. Italian sportswear is usually best left to actual Italians, but in this Equip jacket, Albam have created something which looks like it could be straight out of the Osti Archive, yet still retains an air of English countryside character. It’s a proper example of why a grown up coat is still cool, and in excellent colour combos. I’m now going to have to eBay the bottom of my wardrobe in order to purchase one. The mustard one, probably.

At under £200, these will surely prove popular.

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I had pizza for tea.

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