Albam Represent the Midland’s Understated Glory

Albam are the Midland’s unsung heroes, kind of like Sleaford Mods or if you’re feeling highbrow, Wedgwood pottery. Unlike Sleaford Mods, however, they’re not overtly cynical about the state of the word, and unlike Wedgwood pottery, their clothes won’t break if you drop them. 

Albam’s clothes are deserving of the far too overly used word, ‘understated’, which is to say that they’ve been understated long before everyone started throwing around the term. In conjunction with this, they’re made with an attention to detail that creates class and comfort. Albam don’t want to scream in your face – unlike Sleaford Mods – but they do want you to be subtly aware of their design signatures, much in the same way that once you’ve seen a Wedgwood plate, you can recognise one in a charity shop’s cabinet a mile off. 

Sleek and functional design are the backbones to these two jackets, the Raglan Smock and the Orienteering Parka, which are here to prepare you for different things. The smock, in its pullover taffeta glory, is the perfect attire for that boat side trip down the River Trent that you’ve always wanted, while the orienteering parka’s drywax mountaineering flavour is the change of jacket you need on your ramble to the pub. 

In addition to these jewels, Oi Polloi has a sale on Albam’s other bits and pieces, including trousers, sweaters, fleeces and coats. 

Albam at Oi Polloi.

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