Albam Takes Inspiration from Minimalism

Albam’s focus has always been quality and wearability. Last week we covered Albam’s heritage and production methods. This week, it’s time to discuss aesthetic. Like many contemporary brands, Albam takes inspiration from classic menswear, workwear and military design, but importantly, their primary motivation is minimalism.

Alastair Rae recalls their influence: “we were after things that were simple, and unbranded. It wasn’t about logos or fashion, it was about clothes.” 

Albam situates itself outside of the fashion world. Fashion is defined by trends – peaks and troughs of style – but Albam knows that if clothes feel good and are made of good quality, they don’t need to sing from the rooftops. Subtlety is often the best branding. 

These bits that Aphrodite have stocked are very much subtle; apart, perhaps, from this yellow smock, which is subtle in design and less so in colour. Still, though, with a colour that throws back to vintage sportswear, it has humility in its design. Trousers and striped t-shirts are timeless. Wool fleeces are autumnal essentials. And because they’re all Albam, they’ll last for a lot longer than the current season.  

Explore all of Albam’s bits at Aphrodite.

Albam at Aphrodite.

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