and wander Fly Rain Anorak Hoodie

Now this really is a piece of packable Pertex perfection from those Japanese geniuses at and wander isn’t it? They’ve called it an ‘anorak hoodie’ though it clearly isn’t a hoodie and is definitely an anorak with a hood, though it wouldn’t be an anorak without a hood would it? There’s also a ‘Fly’ in there which I’m not sure whether that applies to its light ‘flyweight’ construction or the fact that it will make you look like an incredibly well-dressed hip hop star. Either way, they’re bang on the money and I can envisage Busta Rhymes waltzing up Snowdonia in one of these beauties. Which may sound far fetched but did you know he spent his teenage years in Morecambe? It’s an actual bonafide fact that and I’m also pretty sure that his 1998 chart hit ‘Gimme Some More’ was originally titled ‘Gimme Some Morecambe’. Mind blowing facts, mind-blowing jackets, you’re welcome.

Buy an and wander Fly Rain Anorak at Wellgosh here.


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