and wander x Nalgene 650ml Water Bottle

Made in the USA from BPA free plastic, Nalgene are pretty much the Rolls Royce of reusable water bottles. Pretty and practical in equal amounts their appeal can only ever be increased by the inclusion of some co-branding from a ridiculously cool Japanese outdoor brand. Which is what we are looking at right now in the form of this immense 650ml receptacle that Nalgene have made in conjunction with and wander. As well as being the epitome of outdoor cool it’s also got a no nonsense screw top lid with a refreshingly wide mouth rather than one of those fiddly spout things that inevitably leaks all over the contents of your backpack. Oh and if you think it looks cool now wait til you see one filled up with Vimto.

Buy an and wander x Nalgene Water Bottle from The Hip Store here.


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