APC New Standard (Dry Indigo) at Oi Polloi


Every #menswear enthusiast should have a pair of plain indigo jeans with no logos or owt on that they can wear whenever, wherever (yeah – don’t close the blinds and start YouTubing Shakira videos just yet, son; hear me out first). The APC New Standard are those jeans. They’ve got a classic fit and look top with everything.

A lot of people pull faces and start unwittingly doing impressions of their granddad when they look at the price tags of jeans such as these, but that’s looking at it the wrong way. £135 is a lot of money – of course it is – but put it this way: I’d rather buy one pair of solid and sturdy jeans like these than three pairs of shite ones from fuck-knows-where that cost £40 each and wash and wear and fit like shit.

As I touched upon earlier the fit’s totally inoffensive – they’re not dead baggy, they’re not thigh-chokingly thin either, and they’re certainly not disproportionately tapered like a pair of Gestapo riding breeches. They’re just right.

(I’m gonna stop trying to be funny for a minute here as you should take note of the following…) As they’re not pre-shrunk, you should probably size down as they’ll give like mad on the waist and the thigh after a few wears. Also, wait as long as possible before washing them (if you want nice natural fading and ‘whiskering’ and #menswear points); washing them prematurely will not only shrink them a bit but it’ll wash the indigo out (in layman’s terms – you’ll balls them up bigtime).

I washed my first pair of New Standards after about two months like a pudding and couldn’t talk to myself for a week, so if you get a pair then persist with the non-washing thing for at least five or six months. If/when they start humming, just hang them on the line for an hour or two on a dry day.

Oh and for those of you – like me – who like to pretend you’re a character out of The Grapes of Wrath and turn your jeans up at the bottom, the New Standard are of course selvedge and look mint that way. This also means that you can be in the secret denim club, which hosts cloaked midnight meetings in the woods every full moon. (Don’t worry – it’s more like the ‘Stonecutters’ sing-along in The Simpsons than that weird bit in Eyes Wide Shut.) Sounds good dunnit? It is. Bring your own beer though.





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