Aphrodite’s heatwave essentials

Picture the scene, you’re up north where the lads at Aphrodite are used to chilly weather, lukewarm at most, then bam heatwave hits, how will they cope? 

Their go-to answer? Some fresh garmz of course. They’ve handpicked their heatwave essentials to help get you through the heat. Check them out below!

When you’re dealing with this type of weather, your first stop should always be a breezy cotton tee. You want it to be lightweight and breathable but still maintain the same quality and style as your more heavyweight garments. We’ve grabbed six of our latest arrivals, ranging from a striped Paul Smith tee to the Stone island Archivio Tee, these are sure to keep you looking good and feeling good. 

Next on our list is shorts, obviously. Ditch your go-to trousers in favour of some smart chino shorts, or more casual sweatshorts. A quality pair of shorts are a man’s best friend, reliable and timeless, not to mention the abundance of styling options that they offer. Check out our range spanning from your everyday Adidas shorts to your more classic looking Ralph Lauren’s.

Kicks. This one is simple. Go light and go bright. Hot weather means no puddles so you don’t have to worry about dirtying your clean creps, get them fresh joints on foot! 

Head over to Aphrodite to cop yourself some quality summer pieces.

I had pizza for tea.

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