Acqua Di Parma – Colonia Travel Spray

1 COLONIA TRAVEL SPRAYOK I’m pitching this one to you the ladies out there, specifically those ladies who have a very cool man in their life for whom they need to buy a really nice Christmas present this year. Look no further girls I’ve found it, it’s a gift that is incredibly practical, will last a life-time (provided you buy refills for it) and best of all with it’s sunny notes of bergamot, lemon and sweet orange will make your other half smell like a Sicilian love God. The Colonia’s refillable 30ml spray comes in a lovely hand-stitched, Italian calf leather case, with the subtle embossed branding and secured by a snap fastener for easy access. In fact it’s just the kind of handy decadence that us British blokes would love to have about our person but probably wouldn’t treat ourselves to because, well just because we want to be given it. Which is exactly where you lovely ladies come in, we need you to buy us one of these travel sprays, because we might be British but we really want to smell like we’re Italian (everywhere we go).

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