Aquascutum Emsworth Club Check Shirt

If the Kinks were to write the Village Green Preservation Society today, I wonder what subject matter they’d be singing about in place of custard pies, the George cross, Sherlock Holmes and draught beer? I’d like to suggest Aquascutum checked shirts for inclusion on this imaginary re-working of this late sixties ode to the bucolic bits of Britain. That said it’s an item of clothing that’s at home being worn outside a nice country pub as it is up on the top floor of an inner city high-rise or inside a football stadium. Which is what makes it one of those items that everyone needs to own at some point in their life, a male rite of passage that’s up there alongside blowing your month’s wages in a weekend, barbecuing in the rain and debating the proper name for a barm/muffin/cob/teacake/roll for several hours. So yeah if you’re reading this Ray Davies I’d genuinely like to put forward this shirt as one of the things that needs to be preserved forever if that’s OK? In fact I bet Ray Davies used to wear a bit of Aqua when he was a mod, in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually included the shirt in his first draft of the lyrics but then sacked it off because nothing else really rhymed with shirt apart from hurt or dirt. Anyway, God save the Aquascutum Emsworth Club Check shirt and God save Grants 1856 for stocking them.

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