Aquascutum Gunn Giant Club Check Shirt

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For some strange reason this time of year often necessitates everyone you work with getting ‘dressed up’ to go out en masse to a pub or restaurant for several hours of forced entertainment. Depending on who you work with this could be the best night of your life though more often than not it’s a painful affair. where deep-seated hatred and unrequited loves both erupt like a volcano filled with cheap prosecco and miniature mince pies. Usually there’s no getting out of it, so why not use this yearly event as a bonafide excuse to buy yourself a lovely new shirt that will fit in with the ‘dressed up’ proceedings but also give you something you can still wear for the rest of the year. Aquascutum shirts are perfect for this, especially this giant club checked number they’ve  got at Grants 1856 which is still 100% wearable for those times when you’re not being cajoled into knocking back sambucas in a Wetherspoons winter wonderland.

Buy an Aquascutum Gunn giant club check shirt at Grants 1856 here.


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