Aquascutum Weaver Octo Print T-Shirt

Given their Aquatic moniker it’s perhaps no big surprise that for Aquascutum’s SS18 collection they’ve gone on a bit of a sea-faring tip. Inspired by ancient mariners and vintage atlases their Weaver octopus print is a classic example of their watery influences this season. The octopus in question looking exactly like one of those massive scary sea creatures you see on old maps albeit one that is a bit of a dresser on the quiet. Though this particular eight limbed, bulbous headed, ship smashing beast isn’t your average oceanic ogre, this kraken really knows the craic as he’s sporting a serious bit of house check alongside his tentacles. Sticking with the maritime theme, those nautical but nice people at Grants 1856 in Cleethorpes currently have these ace Aquascutum t-shirts stashed in their deep sea locker (their shop).

Buy an Octo Aqua tee at Grants 1856 here.


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