Arc’teryx Beta SL Hybrid Jacket at Urban Industry

Welcome to the latest instalment of Proper Arc’teryx Admiration.

Our specimen today is the Beta SL Hybrid Jacket – a waterproof, windproof wonder constructed from N40r Gore-Tex fabric.

“What does ‘N40r’ mean?”

Good question. It’s Gore-Tex jargon that signifies three things:

  1. N – The fabric is made from nylon.
  2. 40 – Said nylon has a weight and thickness (known as ‘denier’) of 40. Given that other Gore-Tex fabrics have deniers ranging from 30 to 150, this jacket doesn’t weigh much at all.
  3. r – The weave of the fabric is ripstop (aye, those little squares), so it’s tough and doesn’t tear easily.

In plain English? A bloody good technical shell for year-round use. 

During autumn/winter, it will keep the elements out, but you’ll probably need to wear some warm layers underneath, because it’s not insulated.

In spring/summer, you can pop it in your bag and have it on standby. Thanks to Gore-Tex’s Paclite Plus technology, it packs up into a tight little bundle that you’ll barely notice is there.

Oh, and it’s called the Beta SL because it comes from Arc’teryx’s Beta range – and therefore designed for general mountain activities – and because it’s ‘superlight’ in weight. Simple enough, eh?

You’d like one, wouldn’t you?

At least one.

Sounds like it’s time to figure out which of Urban Industry’s three colourways will look the most fetching on you.

(All photos courtesy of the Urban Industry Studio)

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