Form & Function with Arc’teryx Veilance

We’ve all head of Arc’teryx – but what about the Veilance line?


Usually when a brand creates a second line, or a diffusion line, it’s cheaper. It’s designed to open up the brand to other markets. But for Arc’teryx, the Veilance line is, in some case, twice the price of mainline Arc. So what’s all the fuss about? 

Veilance was launched in 2009 by Conroy Nachtigall. The young designer, after graduating Alberta College of Arts and then Central St. Martins (where he “made things out of felt; [I] came out disillusioned”), went to work at Arc in 2003, and then spent 6 years developing the Veilance range. Rather than speaking directly to the outdoors and performance obssessed side of the Arc’teryx market, Veilance speaks to the tech-loving outerwear world populated by fans of Errolson Hugh and Visvim. 

The line is primarily made in Canada and combines Arc’teryx’s innovations and standards with a menswear, almost tailored precision. It’s the sort of tech-powered menswear that inspires people to collect entire ranges, then write and give advice about it on Reddit. Bear in mind that in 2011, the 3-in-1 Patrol Down became the most expensive jacket Arc’teryx had ever made – retailing at £1.5k. 

It isn’t always that expensive, though, because places like Wellgosh have some in the sale. Veilance is far smarter than standard Arc’teryx, with releases like blazers, shirts and smart pants, all designed with hidden and intricate panels, pockets, insulation and Gore-Tex. 

Pete Williams compares Veilance to “a certain breed of luxury car, […] carrying both looks and power. For those that know what’s under the hood, it’s unbeatable. In the mobile age, clothing that works everywhere is simply the logical evolution in what we wear. You may not need a Veilance jacket, but if you try one you’ll have a hard time wanting anything else.” 

Head over to Wellgosh for some select picks.

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