Arhto Drop 2 is here

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Doing this here website and that magazine we do, we receive a fair amount of approaches from people looking for coverage. Sometimes it’s for brands we already like and if we have time, we’ll write about them. Sometimes it’s for established brands we know you’ll appreciate hearing about. Often, it’s PR companies selling maternity dresses or telling us an obscure musician has a new EP out. We’re happy to receive all of these emails, it’s par for the course. But it does get tiresome sorting the wheat from the chaff.

In Arhto, a nugget of gold appeared amongst the dust and dirt and we were chuffed to be writing about their first collection. Following up on that, they’ve just released Drop 2 and once again we’re well into it.

Behind Arhto exists time-served expertise in design, sourcing, fabric and factories, all of which come to the boil in an uncompromising capsule collection of top quality staples and austere sportswear. Also in their armoury is experience working behind the scenes in the movies so it’s no surprise everything looks tip top.

Anyway, all those ingredients bring together a brand we can fully get behind. Hopefully they won’t start making maternity dresses anytime soon, although if they did, I’m certain we’d all be off making people pregnant just so we can buy them one.

See more at their website.

I had pizza for tea.

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