Aries Basic Fast Food Tee

McDonalds is my achilles heel. I know it’s not good for me. I know it’s not cool, but sometimes it gives me everything I need and more. Aside from the filet-o-fish I’ve had a dabble on most of the stuff they sell. You could say I’ve been there done that, though I’m yet to buy the t-shirt. Which brings us seamlessly to this from Aries. I like what this brand are doing. I like this t-shirt. I like what it’s saying to me. I like that it’s aiming to piss off every fast food corporation you can mention by sniding their logos and putting them on a t-shirt.  I’d like one of these. I’d wear it while eating a McFlurry in the corner of a really sad McDonalds.

Best get my wallet out and head to innit?

I had pizza for tea.

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