Aries ‘No Problemo’ Sweatshirt

If you don’t know who Fergus ‘Fergadelic’ Purcell is, then to neatly sum him up into a media-friendly soundbite ‘he’s the Palace triangle logo guy’ as well as also being the co-founder of exciting new brand Aries. This Italian fleece back jersey sweatshirt from the aforementioned London based label features his talented handiwork in the form of a rather nice ‘No Problemo’ print . Though much as I love it, it’s also annoying me ever so slightly as I can repeatedly hear “…no problemo…” being rapped over and over again by someone like Biggie Smalls but I can’t remember which if any of of his songs it comes from. Answers of a postcard please to Proper Mag HQ, Ancoats, M4 please.

Buy yourself an Aries ‘No Problemo’ sweat from Wellgosh here.


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