Armor Lux Continues to Pioneer Nautical Clothing

Armor Lux has a nautical history that dates back to pre-WWII

armor lux

It’s safe to same that timing wasn’t on Armor Lux’s side. The brand started in 1938, just one year prior to the outbreak of WWII, and therefore, resources at their disposal took a strenuous turn. 

In a way, the influence of war and the military has always effected Armor Lux. The brand pioneered the Breton stripes in a fashion setting, a style that was introduced by French Law in 1858 to help locate overboard sailors. Since then, Armor Lux’s stripe has been seen on everyone from Picasso to James Dean. 

By 1945, they were back on top, and the brand still manufactures in Quimper, a small town in the north of France, making them of the last Breton manufacturers to still be based in Brittany.

Over at Terraces, they’ve got an assortment of nautical bits – including Smocks, fisherman overshirts and stripey Breton t-shirts.

Armor Lux at Terraces

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