Armor Lux Fisherman’s Smock in Fern

What a catch! This Armor Lux smock is everything you want from the maritime-influenced French brand. Coming in a lovely shade of Fern and made from Cotton, this was named after the famous 39 year-old radio and TV host, known for her time on Radio 1 and alongside her friend Holly Willoughby on Celebrity Juice.

None of that is at all true but imagine if it was?

Go on, imagine it.

Now stop imagining it and focus on the splendour of this smock. Despite its cool coastal roots this is reminiscent of the kind of training wear worn by 1960s footballers, the type who looked like they were 54 despite being 21. Distinguished and diligent fellas who weren’t paid extortionate amounts to play football. Halcyon days.

Anyway, enough waffle, the photos show what a lovely garment this is and that’s enough really isn’t it?

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I had pizza for tea.

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