Armor Lux SS19

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Bonjour, mais oui, comment vas-tu? It’s time for the French to be good at everything again. Football? Excellent. Food? Delicious baguettes. Clothing? Suave as shit. Known mostly for wearing berets, striped tees and free-flowing, loose chinos, Armor Lux encapsulates everything that comes with being French.

Sea-inspired clothing and a commitment to produce high quality knitwear has seen Armor Lux firmly carve its name in Breton folklore. Their SS19 menswear collection continues in the same fashion; lightweight materials and fabrics making up their classic bretons, smock jackets, shorts, jumpers, denim jackets, shirts and t-shirts in pastel colours, as well as some excellent signature pieces, like the white denim jacket and that excellent yellow fleece smock.

The collection will be available at places like END. and Oi Polloi, as well as online at Here are some of our favourite bits…

Absolutely well into house plants.

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