ART NOW! Vol. 4 (Taschen)


ART NOW VOL4Do you find it hard to keep up when it comes to art? It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer scale of mad bastards who spend their entire lives putting together challenging images and installations sometimes isn’t it? Well fear not because Taschen’s fourth volume of Art Now! is ideal for those of us not that clued up on who’s currently who in the art world. Providing something of a modern art encyclopaedia that I found useful for flicking through whilst saying ‘yes I like that…yeah that’s ace….not remotely arsed about this geezer…..Picasso wannabe…..WOW! THAT’S FUCKING AMAZING!….yeah alright…..naahh..oh that’s cool..‘ in an almost identical  way to how I used to watch the gallery section on kid’s TV show Take Hart. From Adel Abdessemed to Zeng Fanzhi this accessible book provides an inspiring, spring-board into the best of contemporary art where even the most hardened art freak is bound to find something new and exciting to enthuse over as well as the name of a cool new gallery to go and check out/name-drop. Buy it HERE .





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