ASGco launch Tiger Head range

Tiger Head. Sounds like a pub chain in Nepal. Like the Bulls Head but more endangered. Or maybe Tiger Head would be a good name for an IPA. Or perhaps an area of outstanding natural beauty just north of the new Forest. I don’t know. It’s Friday and I’ve had too much caffeine.

The reality is there’s a lot more thought gone into the Tiger Head range by ASGco than I’ve led you to believe. Far from being a flippant name, it actually refers back to the heritage of Admiral as a sportswear brand, based in Leicester. The Royal Leicestershire regiment is synonymous with this big cat species so it’s fitting that a brand founded in the same area should celebrate this.

The fact it also allows them to apply luxurious chenille branding to their already premium garments is a happy coincidence too.

If you’re in need of something reassuringly well made and attractive, look no further.

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See more of this range here.

Mark Smith

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