ASUSL SS22 Encourages Rest & Relaxation

The Japanese brand’s SS22 dishes out more oversized and easy comfort while keeping functionality at the forefront of design.

asusl ss22

Keen readers will remember ASUSL’s AW21, where the Japanese brand released a range of baggy silhouettes that embody the Japanese approach to clothing, with effortless comfort and laidback nonchalance. 

For ASUSL SS22 collection, titled “Rest & Relaxation,” the brand taps into the same energy, keeping the brand DNA alive and designing more clothing to be worn with leisure, freeing people from the stress of day-to-day living through sartorial assurance. 

The range consists of modular outerwear, oversized t-shirts, overalls, and baggy pants, all designed with military cues. Progressive pockets configurations, durable ripstop construction and adjustable details all dial-up the functionality and ease of wearing while bolstering the brand’s futuristic aesthetics. 

Signature styles include the Ripstop Military Balloon Pants, Denim Dungarees and Broken Twill Overall Dress.

Pieces are dressed with urban and earthy tones, where charcoal, khaki and muted browns blend the collection’s minimal and oversized pieces into the contours of city life. 

The SS22 collection is available directly from ASUSL.

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