Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

Our new old mate Carl at The Original Store worded us up about this a good few weeks ago now. This was inbetween us collectively putting the world to rights and discussing “what comes next” in terms of clothing.

For The Original Store at least, this marks a slight departure. Only a slight one, mind. The bottom line is Heritage Research make good clothes and The Original Store likes selling good clothes.


I have become a walker. A rambler if you will.This fate has befallen me out of desire for an item of clothing. A Berghaus Riot Jacket in ‘Goldenrod’ yellow. Well, you would wouldn’t you?


Once in a while we get a bit sick of the sound of our own voices and feel the need to sprinkle a few extra spicy ingredients into the Proper Magazine pie. Spicy is one way to describe the unforgiving, cynical and downright brilliant eye on the world offered by our friend Richard Green. Read on to find out more about ten films that will depress your tits right off.


Avid Proper Magazine readers will have noted our past (and current) appreciation for Terry Farley/Faith and a very smart online shop called the original store.

As such we’re bang into this little collaboration between the two. Featuring a mix CD by Faith’s and Boys Own Terry Farley and Jimmy P, it’s another very limited edition t-shirt project between the two.


As we’ve said on numerous occasions previous to this one, John is our patron saint of humour. Or comedy. Your choice which. If you’re not aware of his work, perhaps it’s about time your gave your head a wobble and check him out on youbend. Or is it youtube? Or better still maybe you could go and see him live?


We’ve fielded quite a few requests for Issue 9 recently but it has sold out, we don’t even have a spare copy for ourselves. We’re planning a ‘Best Of’ featuring the good stuff from issues 1-9 in 2011 but in the meantime we thought we’d whet your appetite with a little snippet of our interview with the chap behind Superdenim in Issue 9, released in late summer 2010.