Baracuta AW15

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Ok so I know we’re all getting proper chuffed about Spring Season but having been to Jacket Required last Wednesday it feels only fair that we share some of the AW15 wealth we witnessed. 

Memorable encounters included the fantastic Fourness x 6876 collab, patagonia on purple ohms vibes of Manastash, some well cool coloured Spiewak parkas, jaw-droppingly debonair denim from Hawksmill, cool Clarks, military spec aceness at Arkair, yet more sweet sweets from Champion and some stunning suede Sebagos but for me cream of the crop was Baracuta. Just when you think the G9 can’t get any better they go and make tweed, plaid, sheepskin, cord, woolen versions and your whole #coats world turns upside down. I know I have a bit of a problem when it comes to owning coats but I genuinely wanted to own each and every jacket that Baracuta had on show at JR. They’ve kindly sent me three images over as shown here but trust me this is the tip of a very special harrington-shaped iceberg.



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