Baracuta G9 Modern Classic Harrington

Maybe I need to grow up but I can’t say the word Baracuta without simultaneously hearing 1980s female rock outfit Heart blasting out their hit Baracuda. I blame GTA, I forget the particular mission but that hair metal anthem has been burnt into deeply into my cerebral cortex ever since playing it and all it takes now is a mere glimpse of some fraser tartan for that killer bass riff to start playing in my head. Which is weird because the Baracuta G9 couldn’t be any further away from anthemic she-rock aesthetics if it tried, maybe the Beach Boys or some ska or even The Streets but definitely no metal (man). Whatever you’re listening to these iconic jackets are ideal for this time of year. It’s that time when climates are up and down like a bride’s nightie and life is all about lots of lightweight layering. Which is why everyone should own a G9, they also sit perfectly in the smart casual zone. Giving you all the suave-ness of an Ivy League era Steve McQueen combined with the no fucks given attitude of a 1990s Liam Gallagher.

Buy a Baracuta G9 Classic Harrington from Working Class Heroes here.


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