Baracuta x Engineered Garments

Usually when it comes to the Baracuta G9 I’m of the opinion that there’s nothing that needs changing on this jacket and I’ll thank you to keep your hands off it in terms of re-designing. But when I heard that Daiki Suzuki from EG had turned his talented hand to re-versioning this iconic jacket (and the equally classy G4) then I’m prepared to give this a go. He’s gone back to the OG G9 or ‘OG9’ as I like to call it (I don’t) and gone for an archive fit in Baracuta cloth and made the buttons and pocket flaps as close to the original as possible. However there is a shock in store when you look inside at the lining and discover that the Fraser tartan has disappeared from the lateral panels in order to emphasise the lovely Engineered Garments logo that sits on the inner pocket with the Baracuta label still safely in place on the back collar. So relax everybody, Daiki knows the script.

The G9 and the G4 Baracuta x Engineered Garments will be available to buy at the Baracuta Store, selected retailers and on baracuta.com from 4th August.


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