Barbour Alnot Hooded Jacket

When Barbour first started making jackets, under the name J. Barbour & Sons in 1894, it had no idea it’d become such an institution. The origins are humble: clothing for fishermen, dockworkers, sailors. If you touched water, Barbour was there for you. They soon expanded and included all outdoors people, who, in the North East where Barbour started, were very likely to come into contact with rain. Farmers, gamekeepers, country folk. And from then onwards, Barbour’s expertise in preparing people for the rain was established.

Every time you wear Barbour – for example, this set of Alnot Jackets that come in a traditional olive green, a sleek navy, or a brazen sunset red, with patches that throwback to the O.G. brand name J. Barbours & Sons – you’re in good hands. Polyamide with leather trim and detailing. Attentive drawstring and zip collar. Gorgeous.

Grab Barbour at Terraces.

Grab Barbour at Terraces.

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