Barbour Beacon Woods is Perfect for Exploring Beacon Woods

There’s numerous Beacon Woods throughout the UK. In Sheffield, there’s a lonely spot of woodland, just off the River Loxley, called Beacon Wood. Further south, on the periphery of the Mendip Hills, lies Beacon Hill Wood – a very old woodland littered with Roman archaeology and Bronze Age burial mounds. Further still, near Dartford, an ancient woodland, filled with flurries of fungi and footpaths lined with silver birch. You guessed it: Beacon Wood. There’s chunks of woodland on the Brecon Beacons, too. 

Anyway: this shirt from Barbour – bastions of Britishness – is named after Beacon Woods. We aren’t sure which one, but it’s perfect for exploring one of them. Stealthy khaki finished with the lighthouse logo make this a proper woodland shirt. 

Grab it from Psyche. 

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