Barbour Indigo Pheasant Shirt

So first of all the heritage thing demanded we dress like lumberjacks, then everyone decided they needed a dead nice white button down, then it all went a bit crazy pattern wise, and now? Well now it seems we’re all going a bit birdwatcher.

Barbour has managed to slowly but surely recast themselves not just as the brand of choice for rich people with shotguns, but people who just like nice clothes with a slightly trendy edge. Yeah, trendy. I said trendy. I sound like my Grandma, I’ll be calling people “Very with it” next.

Anyway, whether you’re a bird watcher, bird shooter (snide) or just like impressing THE BIRDZ!!! you need one of these in your life. Trust.

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P.S If you really want to do people’s heads in there are matching shorts.

pheas-detail pheas-front

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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  1. oliverbeer

    Chippe and Best Company did it better in the 90s

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