Barbour International Rath Overshirt

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Would you just look at this beauty of an overshirt? It’s got all the visual appeal and big pockets of an EG or SI piece but it’s also got a big bold zip on it which means it’s a Barbour so it’ll more than likely last you five times longer and cost a bit less too. This is the kind of kit you’d expect/hope to see off duty members of the SAS going out for a pint in. Constructed from lightweight fabric with dual zip fastening, pop stud chest pockets and slash pockets it’s also got a drawcord hem and ribbed cuffs. This is a prime example of what Barbour does best i.e. loads of ace details but there’s nothing there that doesn’t need to be. I’d buy one of these quickly before they sell out, especially if you live in Hereford/a secret location only 3 other people know about anywhere on earth.

Buy a Barbour International Rath Overshirt from Oi Polloi here.


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