Battenwear Packable Tote

Remember a couple of months back when all the tough guy internet casual lads decided they no longer had a problem with carrying a tote bag about? Oi Polloi got into bed with Battenwear and their combined credibility saw their limited edition packable tote was sold out quicker you could say ‘Roy Cropper’.

Lucky for you though, Battenwear‘s new Bivouac store has several colours available. You’ll need to swallow customs charges but they’re so reasonably priced in the first place, perhaps you’ll still be tempted. I was. I got a white one. I felt like Kirk Douglas in Heroes of Telemark, albeit while on a mission to buy some satsumas.

Get yours here.

battenwear1 battenwear2 battenwear3 battenwear4 battenwear5

Mark Smith

I had pizza for tea.

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