Battenwear x Oi Polloi Packable Tote Bag

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If you’ve got one of our new Hikerdelic packable ripstop smocks then you might like to accompany this quality purchase with a matching bag from the marvellous people at Battenwear and Oi Polloi. Made in the good old US of A these super tough shopping bags are ideal for stealthily stashing away prior to buying anything then casually whipping out in front of a group of impressed onlookers before placing your newly purchased apples/ale/albums into it. There’s also a wonderful safety feature built into these bags in that when they’re open everyone can see the Battenwear sign and when they’re packed away the Oi Polloi brand name is also clearly there for all to see. Ensuring that people will know that you’re 100% cool AF at all times, though there might be a short window when either logo is obscured whilst unfolding the bag in which case you should shout in a clear and loud voice ‘THIS IS A BATTENWEAR BAG MADE FOR OI POLLOI’ repeatedly until the process reaches it’s natural conclusion.

Buy an exclusive Battenwear bag from Oi Polloi here.


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