Battle of the Bands: Rock Trump Cards

Battle of the Bands Trump Cards_3D

As someone who has had to endure several hours of Monster High Top Trump games recently this rock and roll version has come as something as a god-send. Now the tables have been turned and my five year old daughter is learning how to barter with the output of Black Sabbath and the Smiths rather than Draculaura and the gang. Yes the perennial playground favourite has been given a grown up makeover and now features 32 legendary bands all beautifully illustrated¬†with rock-tastic categories such as ‘Commercial Success’, ‘Appetite for Destruction’ and ‘Sex Appeal’ to choose from. If you’re off to South by Southwest this week then I can think of few more appropriate ways to kill time whilst you’re en route than to play this cracking card game.

Buy your deck here.

Battle of the Bands Trump Cards_Cards_3





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