Beams Plus AW17

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Born in 1999, Japanese brand BEAMS PLUS was inspired by the American styles they were brought up on. From original and import pieces to vintage pieces and accessories, BEAMS PLUS look to keep the styles alive through their work. However, the brand is not solely about the revival of past styles or clinging on to the nostalgia, but “a pursuit of authenticity” for next generation fashion.

Over at Peggs and Son, the Japanese brand land for the first time with a wonderful set of new releases. A selection of anoraks, knits, and hats sit there ready for us to dive into and bask in their glory.

Two anoraks have dropped, one in navy blue and the other in olive. Both not far from something you would see legendary front man Liam Gallagher alongside similar rock stars. The style of both is a pop over style, cut from lightweight Cordura fabric. A short-zipped placket is combined with two large chest pockets and the coat is finished off with an adjustable hood. As the uncertainty of autumn comes, this anorak creates a solution to the dilemma of whether or not you wear a coat due to the chance of rain or just a jumper since it is still fairly mild. The shithouse that is British weather is an experience that takes a lot of thought and care when deciding on what to wear. These two anoraks offer something that will keep you dry but not too warm at the same time.

A trio of knitted crew necks land alongside the anoraks, offering us three excellent options ahead of the autumn season coming soon. A brown one, a grey one and an olive one providing an addition to your wardrobe that turns it from Ibiza Weekender to a classy guy who bloody loves a weird coffee concoction. Yes, the summer is fucking finished. Get over it. Grow up.

If you can pull off one of these caps, then fair play to you because I most certainly cannot. Two six panel caps completed with a leather adjustable strap offering a pleasant accessory to add to your arsenal.

The new releases are now available at Peggs and Son here. I’d strongly advise going to pick a couple pieces up.


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