Berberry (Toby Leigh)


About 15 years ago when Mark and I started up the pre-cursor to this site (propertop.com) one of our main aims was to set up ‘the scallery’. The idea being to document the various species of street urchins running amok in our native Stockport. We soon got bored of hanging around the Merseyway shopping centre and sacked it off in favour of reviewing sweaty nights out and making daft top tens before finally turning our eye to making magazines about ace coats/trainers.

Luckily photographer Toby Leigh is far more dedicated to documenting street level British heritage and has spent the past ten years snapping snide tartan products for  our viewing pleasure in his brilliant book ‘Berberry’. If you’d thought that you’d seen mis-appropriated Burberry check used everywhere that you possibly could then prepare to be rather surprised. Alongside the the usual caps, shirts and handbags you’ll also witness baby-bouncers, thermos flasks, wheelchairs, vehicles and even a block of flats fully checked out in the book. An ideal present for the person who’s got everything and/or the scally who’s got everything, apart from a book.

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