Berghaus Blueprints by Kestin

Well here we are, the waiting is nearly over and the highly anticipated Berghaus Blueprints collection is finally within our grasp. Having already perfectly executed their vintage line with their two Dean Street collections, Berghaus have taken no chances with their premium archive range and enlisted the hugely talented Kestin Hare to design their Blueprints collection. Exercising his expertise in combining innovative and modern menswear pieces with iconic detailing Kestin has managed to create the impossible, a contemporary archive collection,

So whether you grew up wearing Berghaus or are totally new to the brand it’s likely you’ll be equally as smitten by these incredible jackets, mid-layers, tees, and trousers. Though the entire range is all-killer-no-filler, for us it’s the re-imagined Trango and Mera Peak jackets that have really set my heart aflame. Both of which showcase just how much respect Kestin has for the brand by refining and updating these two legendary jackets into a brand new territory whilst still honouring the true outdoor, pioneering spirit of Berghaus.

The Berghaus Blueprints Collection launches exclusively on next Thursday (1911.20) with prices ranging from £79 – £500.

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