Berghaus Dean Street is back for AW22

The feted outdoor brand returns with more gear that celebrates not only their heritage in the outdoor but also its cultural impact.

If there’s one brand that confidently crosses over the aesthetics of outdoor activities and indoor shopping centres it’s Berghaus. Back in the late 80s and into the 90s, the brand found itself the unlikely patron of people for whom getting high was nothing to do with mountains. While the brand has an unrivalled rep for its excellence on the back of legendary British pioneers like Bonington, its bright colours and reliability in the countryside helped it find favour beyond its traditional crowd.

This latest shoot nods strongly in that direction, taking place at the infamous Happy Valley, where thousands would gather for impromptu musical gatherings in those heady days of rave. The campaign works under the title of PRESS FWD, perhaps acknowledging the fact brands like this can’t just rely on being a re-enactment of what went before but must invest in the new generation too. That in turn helps the creative young bucks of 2023 form a similar winning connection with the brand.

Shot on a mix of film, digital and polaroid, the campaign sees legendary Radio 1 DJ Fabio and drum & bass producer DJ Rap come together with two next-gen producers currently flying the flag, Mixtress and IZCO.

Think of it as a symbolic passing of the Berghaus baton from one generation to the next, all done while sporting a timeless look.

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