Berghaus Summer Essential

There was a photo not too long ago that featured David Attenborough in a colourful Berghaus jacket. It was prime pickings for the nation’s meme-artists. Glenn Kitson had a go. People photoshopped bags and various festival essentials onto him. He was narrated with a thick scouse accent, saying things like “ket, magic and a gary,” and “3 for a hundred.” It was a field day and we all rejoiced. 

Anyway, on a day like today, where the sun is sweltering and without a trusty fan it might be hard to keep sweat off the keyboard, we’re picturing r David in a pair of shorts. Not just any shorts, mind. Berghaus ones. Blue Berghaus ones, like this pair available at Terraces. 

They’re made from UPF+50 fabric, which basically means the parts of your legs that are covered by the shorts are incredibly well protected from the sun and other threats. David could get away with wearing them at a festival and in the tropics. Blue Planet needs Blue Berghaus.

Shop Berghaus at Terraces.

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