Big Branding from Blauer USA

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Founded in Boston in 1936, Blauer made their name stateside, supplying garms to the emergency services and the military. It’s with this back story you know you’re getting something totally kosher. It’s brand that’s been around 80-odd years (I don’t do maths) making gear for people who kind of need something really, really reliable.

As with many brands with this kind of history on which to call, Blauer have realised there’s a willing and indeed growing strand of us who identify with what they’ve done in the past, and have started to wear it in the present. While some of the gear is very much in the camp of Americana favoured by Italians and other suave, olive-skinned types, the sportswear tinted gear boasts big logos and wouldn’t embarrass itself standing alongside the Champions and Russell Athletics of this world.

Pairing Italian fashion sensibilities with honest-to-goodness tough American working gear, Blauer USA is one to keep a keen eye on.

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