Big Pockets & Big Dreams with C.P. Company

Pysche’s description for this sweater fails to mention the fact that this isn’t just a sweater, but a sweater with two giant pockets on the chest. Well, that’s not entirely true: it references the pockets but only by telling you that they’re reinforced. The description assumes that you know the pockets are there – I guess, afterall, they are hard to miss in the pictures – and then figures that the only other reference necessary is to their sturdiness. It’s like a giant elephant in the room. A pocket on the sweater. We’re all looking at it but no one’s talking about it. 

We think Pysche’s description should’ve read like this:

“C.P. Company sweater HAS GIANT POCKET on the chest so that you can increase your maximum total pockets by two, which, in our climate of tactical, functional wear, is a brilliant thing, as you can become one step closer to playing out your fantasy of being Mortimer & Whitehouse.” 

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