Big Scary Crocs – Lacoste Logo Sweatshirt

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It’s getting a bit daft how many times we’ve featured these large logo items from Lacoste of late. Normally, we’d advocate the notion that less is more. But to use another cliche, rules are made to be broken.

This lovely loopback leisurewear is perfect when paired with short shorts, driving gloves and an expression that says “I own my own home”. Confidence personified. Maybe for added joie de vivre you’d like to wield a badminton raquet. Ok so old Rene Lacoste was more of a tennis guy, but who’s arsed? Not me. Not you, and not the people eyeing your splendid summer style.

Show Working Class Heroes some Love (which is a tennis pun) by buying this from them.

I had pizza for tea.

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