Birkenstock Arizona at Parasol Store

OK so a Bank Holiday weekend is looming and the weather (for once) looks like being decent. So have you got charcoal brickets sorted? Bare burgers? Buns? Those posh Brioche ones? Loads of ale? Nice one. What about footwear? Have you got some sandals to slip into once you clock off for the weekend? If not head over to Parasol store ASAP and get some Arizonas onto your (pasty) plates. The Lacoste polo shirt of sandals, the Brikenstock Arizona is the only piece of ‘open aired’ footwear you’ll ever need. Guaranteed to care for your feet as well as look like a Californian surf God or a German Intellectual depending on whether or not you choose to wear socks with them.

Either way get yourself a pair from Parasol here whilst there’s £15 off them!


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