Blondey McCoy ‘Us and Chem’

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Putting all your creative energies into art as a way of combatting depression and as a possible alternative to drugs seems to be the general vibe of Blondey McCoy;’s fifth solo show at Soho’s HENI gallery. Alongside a collaborative spin piece he’s done with the main man Damien Hirst the exhibition also features works of Blondey’s cut and paste, collage style presented onto mirrors of varying shapes and sizes. Though Mr McCoy sums it up better in this quote: “In feeling blue, tragically, the natural thing to do is stay blue. The creating of these new works has proven to me, more than ever before, that expressionism and making artwork is a way of temporarily exorcising that feeling. The show was created out of a compulsion to create, not one to show off, throw a party or make money. It’s making has been a revelation in accepting the need to treat bipolar as a blessing rather than a curse, and to perpetually guarantee myself that from long hum drum periods of heightened sensitivity, my most genuine and life affirming artwork is born.’ 

Us and Chem. shows at the HENI Gallery, 6-10 Lexington Street, Soho from 27th July to 27th August.


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